Kyoto, one of the ancient cities in Japan, located in the Kansai region, is known for its rich historical culture and its beautiful demographics. This city is a major tourist attraction site attracting many tourists all over the world with the quest to learn more about what it has to offer. From the magical sights to the luxurious Kyoto hotels to the beautiful temples and shrines of Kyoto, you are in for an unforgettable trip in this city. Let us now look at some of the best sights that you can get to see while on your trip to Kyoto.

1.   Fushmi Inari Taisha Shrine

Being one of the most visited and iconic shrines in Kyoto, you cannot afford to miss going to the Fushmi Inari Taisha Shrine. This shrine is dedicated and honors Inari, the Sginto God, also known as the god of rice. You will get to see the beautiful thousands of colored torri gates before getting to the shrine, which is located at the end of the walkway.  As you wander through the shrine, you will also see some sculptures of foxes that are believed to be the messengers of the Gods. Well, since this is one of the most visited shrines in Kyoto, it is bound to be very crowded, especially during the day, but you can still keep up. However, you have the option of also visiting the shrine at night, where there will be lesser crowds.

2.      Kinkakuji Temple

Another beautiful site that you should definitely visit is the Kinkakuji temple, also known as the Golden Pavilion. The name golden pavilion is due to its amazing design of the gold leaf that adorns the two top floors of the temple. It was initially built to be a retirement home for Shogun Ashikaga, but it is now a famous Zen Buddhist Temple. It is located in one of the beautiful grounds whereby is built amidst a large pond surrounded by some beautiful trees. The views are simply breathtaking and worth every minute of your time.

3.      Kiyomizu-Dera Temple

The Kiyomizu- Dera temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is built on top of the Otowa Mountain surrounded by beautiful cherry trees. The spectacular views of the city from this temple are simply to die for. It is believed that if you can successfully walk between the two stones in front of the Jisnhnu shrine with your eyes closed, then you will find true love. This is something you definitely should try. Also, you can drink water from the stream of the Otowa Waterfall for some good fortune.

4.      Kyoto Tower

With the many temples and shrines in Kyoto, there are also modern, attractive structures that are eye-catching. Among them is the Kyoto tower, which is actually the tallest building in Kyoto. What this means is that you will get to enjoy the picturesque views of the city and take amazing photos of the same. The LED touch screens and the telescopes at the Kyoto tower make it even better as they highlight important landmarks for you.


Looking for a place to visit soon? Look no further than Kyoto. You will not only get to enjoy the different sites but get to learn a lot more about their culture.