Best Hotel Rates For Wherever You Travel

Everyday hotel deals and special last-minute room rates are published daily on the world wide web. But where and how do we get these hard to find hotel discounts? It’s not hard at all and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the high season or low season. Follow these 3 simple easy steps and you’ll save your hard-earned money on hotels around the world.

Hotels are just like any other business with inventory and they need to keep their rooms occupied. And quite often rooms have to be filled to reach a quota or else they’ll lose money. Every so often hotels will have sales though they will not post them directly on their own websites. Instead they post these deals to online hotel booking agencies who are able to reach a wider base of travelers on the Internet.

Step 1 – The Research

After you have done your first research and come up with a list of potential hotels you’d like to stay in you should check the hotel’s website or email the hotel for a price quote for the dates you plan to stay. Make sure to ask for all applicable taxes if any and if they include meals in their rates.

Step 2 – Look for Locally or Geographically Internet Based Hotel Reservation Agencies

There are a lot of online hotel booking companies found on the Internet and we’ve heard most of them already. However, if you are looking for the best hotel rates, say for example in Poland you should look for an online hotel reservation agency that specializes in the European continent and not a US-based company such as Expedia or Travelocity. The bigger the agency the better too because you will be able to find more hotel choices. They also have better leverage for demanding larger discount room rates which are passed on to travelers.

Step 3 – Do the Comparison

This is the easiest part of course. But before you make that room reservation do a side by side comparison, keeping in mind to factor in what the rates include; taxes, free breakfast, spa treatments etc.

9 out of 10 times you will find that hotel reservation agencies supply better hotel rates. Simply because these agencies receive deep discounted rooms for promoting the hotels they are partnered with. These significant savings are then passed on to travelers looking for last-minute hotel deals or even affordable rates for luxury resorts or any hotel that you think is not in your price reach.