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A Guide on Bail Bonds

You will be put in jail if you commit a criminal offense or if you are said to be a suspect in a criminal offense case. Until the judgment has been made by the judge, you are supposed to stay in jail for the whole time. However, staying in jail can be very difficult for you because you have other projects that you are running, and you cannot prepare for the case in the best way possible. In many of the states and countries in the world, a person is always innocent until he or she has been proven guilty. Beyond reasonable doubt, the plaintiff is supposed to prove that you committed the offense so that you can get your sentencing. Until the verdict of the case has been given, bail bond that usually given by the courts of law to ensure that you do not run away. The bail bond is put so that it can deter you from trying to run away because of the high amount of money that you will have left it ensure that you will appear before the courts of law. The judge is always the main determinant when it comes to the amount of money that is concerned with the bail bond.

Unless there is the need to change the amount to a high amount, most of the states have a preset amount of money that has to be paid for certain types of criminal charges. When the bail bond amount has been set by the judge, the next thing that will be very important is to have somebody pay the bail for you. When the bail bond amount has been paid, it’ll be possible for you to get out of jail and to continue doing other things. During the working hours, you can always be able to set your bail at the lower courts that are the same time, you can still pay the bail after working hours at the jail. On every court date, you will be required to present yourself at the courts so that hearings can continue. When the judgment has been met, you will have your full freedom or, you will go to jail but before that, you have some freedom because of the bail bond.

Normally, the bail bond amount is supposed to be returned to you if you present yourself fully until the case is over but if that does not happen and you do not have a valid reason, the money will be taken away. If you not have the money or the property to use as the bail bond, you are required to look for a bail bond agent so that they can post the money for you that, you will be required to give an interest of about 10%.

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