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Amazing WordPress Plug-Ins Available Free Of Costs

WordPress is amazing. It comes with a range of free plug-in that makes it possible to use for old and new users. Learning of these plug-ins equip with the best option in the optimization process.

Google traffic is generated through the use of SEO among other features. WordPress is one among the most common SEO friendly platforms. The best tool to use in optimization is Yoast SEO Plug-in in order to maximize on the potential of the site. Using this plug-in offers the best free options used in the improvement of blogs and WebPages. Keeping track of the site’s performance is another great feature that comes with this plug-in.

A common consideration by website visitors is the loading speed. Enhancement of speed is done through the use of Smush image compression and optimization plug-in. The best plug-in to use in speed optimization is the Smush image compression and optimization. It works to compress and optimize images and in such way ensure they are of a size that does not affect the loading speed.

Every site contains a number of links that contain information outside the site. Placement and size of the links affect the appearance of the page and might look messy in certain instances. To deal with the links effectively, the tool available to use if the Pretty links plug-in. The custom links, however, connect visitors to the original website or content.

Keeping track of the analytical page data is important for future developments and more info. WordPress users have the Google Analytics for WordPress plug-in to use for this purpose. Using this plug-in makes the process easy and fast despite the whole idea looking straining.

Attacks and comments by spam are common on the internet. This makes the page look messy and the need to keep them at bay arises and learn more. The available WordPress tool for this purpose is the Akismet Antispam. It is a convenient way to keep much of the unwanted attacks away from the page.

Content backup is important for any site. This comes in handy in the event the site goes down and click here. Convenience and safety of content is enhanced through the use of a UPDRAFTPLUS back-up plug-in. It works further to ensure content is backed-up in cloud settings.

Use of emails messages is common in sharing information with visitors. A high number of recipients, however, makes the process of sending messages to be long and tedious for the site owner. Mailchimp is the perfect solution for WordPress users that is available free of costs. With the need to make it manageable, this plug-in is easy and fast to use alongside offering a chance to send the mail at no cost a factor that makes it the best choice for site owners who keep sending information to subscribers.